Sweden and NATO

Swedens military exercises with NATO in a collaboration that goes under the name Partnership for Peace, and this collaborative activity includes a range of non-members since 1994. This official fact and that Sweden has had serious thoughts to join The North Atlantic Treaty Organization provokes Russia even more since the Baltic states joined 2004.

If NATO, who has nuclear weapons, establishes bases on Swedish soil they will have access to an important strategic location towards the east. Russia has strengthened its military presence near the borders of Sweden and over the Baltic sea area. They know that this nation is likely to join the Alliance, and has been a partner to the west under the long Cold war and the years since the collapse of Soviet union. Politicians, defence and media present an image of Russia as a bad and unpredictable republic. Putin is an idiot and homophobe ruling a land with dictatorship. Even a fair democracy like Sweden  uses propoganda when it comes to use their words in the media debate.

The American dominance affects media and even the whole society. The Americans themselves have interests in spreading their culture, their values and in having a major role in world politics and security. Many US leaders think they are blessed, chosen and have a certain commission given by God. I guess it has its origins in the influence from the Republicans and all the christian politicians in the far right like Mormons and from powerful members from secret societies like the Freemasons. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are enemies, still countries in opposition to american values. Muslim rebels like Al-Qaeda, the Talibans, IS and groups in Northern Africa are terrorists. US often dictates the terms of national security, and countries in Europé follow their example. George W. Bush said “You’re either with us, or against us”, and made this clear to the whole world. He wanted all nations to become their allies and together fight the rising of Islam and the fanatic Jihadists.

NATO is expanding. NATO is USA. Russia has today a military rearmament as an answer to NATO’s expansion towards the borders of their county. Russia is therefore exercising their defence. For Sweden it is well known as they feel a greater military presence from Russia – now even greater than a few years ago. That makes this Scandinavian country nervous. Now the government talks about increasing the military budget.

I Think they will become members of NATO and abandon their old proud identity as a neutral country. Sweden wouldn’t be strong enough to handle a conflict on their own. But if they become a NATO member they would then have reasons to be worried. Russia doesn’t want another Alliance member in their vicinity, but Sweden wants to make an independent choice. If they would stop collaborating with NATO and say no to a membership their situation would be safer, but that’s not the way they have made their chess moves over the past years. It is obvious that Sweden never was a neutral.

Sweden has always had a famous official status of being neutral – a peaceful socialistic country with a good welfare system. Regan didn’t like Sweden and made an example of them when he talked about socialism. Today this old image looks much different. A lot has become worse and it is a country falling down in the ranks of the welfare League. Rightwing extremists have taken places in the government and they stand for a growing opposition against immigration. Sverige Demokraterna become the third largest party. Sweden has a racistic population, but they still have a very generous refuge policy and acts as a major donor to countries with severe poverty. They have recognized Palestine as a state. Israel answered by taking home their ambassador.

During the Cold war Sweden was cooperating with the US and the Soviet Union was the enemy. The Swedish Air Force was exercising for an invasion from the east over the Baltic Sea. Their defence was built to take care of an invasion. In 1957 Sweden had the world’s fourth most powerful air force. It was a country with an independent military industry and still has this.

Today the world political scene has changed and leaders in EU and US are saying the Cold war is back because of Russian aggression in recent years. USA is the leading power in the New World Order movement – an epic plan where big parts of the world aren’t included. Sweden is included even though the public yet are unaware of this. NWO is regarded as a conspiracy subject and not as a hard fact. It’s strange when videos from presidental speaches are spread over the net showing that something is about to happen. There hasn’t been any debate in Swedish media but former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt was on a visit to US 1992 and gave a speech about the coming NWO. NATO isn’t just an alliance of defence it’s the instrument of the NWO realisation. NATO is to be used to defend the work of the project with force. Russia and China understands what happens in the west and are standing prepared and powerful. While Sweden is a small country with a small population, but has since decades chosen their allies and have to defend their choices.